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Oct 01, 2023

Happy Wednesday 👋

Hope your week is going well and you’re seeing some awesome wins.

I have some exciting news to share with you, but before I do - I wanted to ask you a quick question.

Do you know what brands like Red Bull, Apple, and lululemon have in common?

They each sell completely different products, but all share one massive similarity...

They obsess over creating a community.


Because people don’t become raving fans of a “business.”

“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic” – Seth Godin

And the true “secret” behind guaranteed, consistent growth isn’t more ads, offers, or even more content…

It’s cultivating a community of raving fans around your brand.

What makes community so powerful?

A couple things really…

First, community increases commitment.

When people feel a sense of belonging, they’re likely to stick around longer.

But that’s just the first perk…

The second benefit of community is that it naturally compounds.

Because what do people do when they’re passionate about something?

They tell all their friends about it.

And word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing on the planet.

Now, over the past 14 years I’ve built up multiple communities around my brands, with sizes ranging from a few hundred to 14 million.

These communities now generate nearly $7M in annual recurring revenue - and that number is only continuing to grow…

And now, for the first time ever…

I’m revealing how you can do the same.

Introducing: Community OS

Community OS is my proven system for cultivating rock-solid communities of raving fans -

Hosted in its very own live community.

Inside this power-packed group I reveal my ENTIRE playbook.

Giving you everything you need to build your own engaged and committed community around your brand.

And to make it even better?

It’s just $20 to get started.

Making it the most affordable course I’ve ever released.

Are you ready to create your own die-hard community of raving fans?

Then I look forward to seeing you inside Community OS.

>>> Click here to join Community OS

Let's win together 🥇


P.S. On September 1st, the price of Founder OS is going up.

We’ve opened additional spots in the program to allow as many people as possible to join before the price increases.

If you’re interested in joining Founder OS before the investment goes up, then I’d like to invite you to book a Founder Clarity Call with my team.

We’ll go over your goals together and see if Founder OS is the next best step for you.

To book your call, just use the link below.

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