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Oct 01, 2023

The transformational power of a refined operating system [Autopreneur OS]

I have something I’ve been working on in the background for the past 6 months or so…

I’m writing a book.

It likely won’t be out until early next year, but in an effort to “build in public” I decided it was time to start talking about it a bit more.

The book is a combination of stories and systems.

I share intimate parts of my life that I’ve never spoken about publicly before…

As well as outlining the blueprint for building and automating a $5M one-person empire.

In today’s newsletter, I wanted to share an excerpt from my book with you.

Now, this is still my first draft, so don’t judge me too hard.

But this section really highlights some of the pivotal moments of my founder journey, and I think you’ll find it encouraging.

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Now back to the excerpt from my upcoming book...

In December 2016, I had a panic attack.

Cooped up in a hotel room in LA I called my dad crying and knew something needed to change. I couldn’t continue to live like this.

So stressed.

So lonely.

So sad.

There had to be a better way.

Along my entrepreneurial journey, I had been burning myself out.

I was using alcohol at the end of the day to cope with the stress and to numb me from the overwhelming sense of loneliness and lack of purpose.

I felt like I was losing my mind. And I didn’t know where to get help. I was looking for an escape.

My friend Robbie, Founder & CEO of Othership, shared with me his story of getting sober and opened my eyes to cold baths, saunas, and sobriety as a form of health hygiene for getting to peak performance.

I started the journey of sobriety, taking care of my health, and dialing in my fitness.

I started working out daily, doing yoga 3x per week, getting great sleep, seeing a therapist, and practicing mindfulness. I also found an unbelievable coach, Ryan Begelman, who changed my life in many ways.

Along the way, I began writing every day. A mentor and sobriety coach of 20 years recommended I read The Artist’s Way - a book about discovering the artist within.

I wrote every morning and published material daily for Herb and my personal brand across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and my newsletter.

I focused on consistency.

I spoke to over 30 entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors, and experts every week and began to refine a system for success.

I learned that the best of the best leverage systems.

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear

I began reading 2 books a week, listening to endless podcasts, and refining my own operating system. I put in the reps every day.

I was like an operating systems athlete.

Gradually evolving and refining my processes by studying what the best of the best were doing - Justin Welsh, April Dunford, Greg Isenberg, Sahil Bloom.

I modeled the top 20% of what they were doing, added my own learnings from my past experiences...

And grew my community by 650% over 6 months.

My refined operating system allowed me to have a much bigger impact with a lot less stress.

It can be summarized as:

  • Step 1: Build your operating system - Focus on systems over goals
  • Step 2: Win your niche - Be too good to ignore and own your category
  • Step 3: Nail your distribution - Build a repeatable, scalable, and fun conversion machine
  • Step 4: Ideation and curation - Make it easy to delight your dream customer
  • Step 5: Leverage technology - Use tech to automate and delegate boring tasks

This operating system has grown Herb at 268% year-over-year.

It has also worked on countless other businesses that I have coached and consulted for.

And it’s what I teach people today - because the results are insane.

I helped Chad raise $7M from this strategy and helped Zach 4x his MRR in 3 months using these systems.

I’ve bootstrapped businesses to exit and raised capital from the best investors in the world [CEO of Shopify, President of Shopify, early Facebook employees, Joe Montana (Hall of Fame Quarterback)].

In total, I've spent over 40,000 hours studying and building systems.

Along the way, I’ve learned that systems are the key to being fulfilled, healthy, and successful.

The purpose of this book is to get you to the highest level - The Autopreneur.

Helping you put your business on autopilot, allowing you to run it anytime and anywhere...

So you can work on projects (with people) that bring you joy while making $5M+ profit a year.

But most importantly...

So you can build a life of freedom.

Where every day feels like retirement - because you spend your time on the stuff you would do even if you were retired.

(...to be continued...)

There you have it, an excerpt from my new book.

I hope you found that encouraging.

And if you have a minute, I'd love it if you'd hit reply and share your favorite takeaway.

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