13 life lessons I wish I knew at 23

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Oct 01, 2023

Happy Wednesday 👋

Hope your week is treating you well.

I just arrived in LA a few days ago and I've got to be honest with you - as much as I loved Japan...

It's nice being back in the same timezone as my team and Founder OS members.

In today's email, I actually have a few different things I wanted to share with you, so let's go ahead and dive in:

#1 - I'm hosting an in-person event

One of the main reasons I'm back in the US is to host a live event for members of the Founder OS Mastermind on September 21-24.

Over the weekend I’ll be sharing brand and growth strategies I’ve never spoken about publicly before.

And some of the most influential founders and entrepreneurs of "today" are going to be there.

Now moving forward it's highly likely this event will be exclusively for mastermind members...

But since it's the first one, I figured I would make a few spots available for this game-changing weekend.

There is an investment to attend, and there are some criteria to join.

If you're interested in spending a weekend with some legends and discovering actionable (and current) tactics for growing your brand...

Then shoot a quick email with the subject line "I'm interested in the live event" to matt@founderos.com.

#2 - A recent tweet of mine has cracked over 4M views

This past weekend I shared a tweet that's gone viral.

In the tweet I reveal 13 life lessons I wish I knew at 23.

If you haven't already seen it, I'd like to invite you to go check it out.

Maybe you can avoid making some of the same mistakes I did.

>>> Check out the tweet here

#3 - I recently launched a free mini-course

As you may know, our mission at Founder OS is to inspire 100 million founders to live their dreams through proven systems.

That's why I'm constantly trying to open source as many of my systems as I can...

To try and help as many founders succeed as I can.

I recently created a free mini-course that shares some of the concepts and systems from my Founder OS program.

And like I mentioned, it's completely free.

Just click here to access the mini-course.

I hope you find it helpful.

Well, that's it from me today. See you Saturday!

Let's win together 🥇


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